We rode from Verona through the hills to Vicenza

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We love riding through vineyards.


Below left, vista - below right, a castle - Let's ride up there!


Another steep climb, of course, so we stopped at the castle for lunch.


By far the most interesting structure in Soave is the Scaligero castle,

which looms above the city on a steep hill.  The wall that encircles the city

begins from the side of the castle.  It is 12 meters high and was constructed

during the reign of the Scaligeri in the 14th century.


After the vineyards and castles, we headed for the hills.


Above - Judith on the last descent from the hills, and scenery along the way


Centuries ago there were two apparitions of the Virgin Mary, and a church was built on the site.

The grand Basilica di Monte Berico, with its three Baroque facades and a painting by Veronese,

 is worth visiting, but the views from the hillside are just as impressive.


Vicenza is noted for its splendid churches, palaces, and other buildings,

many of which were designed by the architect Andrea Palladio.

Parts of a 13th-century wall that encircled the town are still standing.

Many great buildings including the famous Basilica Palladiana are being restored,

so they were under wraps and we just couldn't get any good photos this trip.