We rode from Lago Garda  to Verona for two nights

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We rode along the beach and then headed inland to Sandrą for a gelato


Below left, kiwi growing along the bike path to Verona

Below right, The Basilica of San Zeno, Romanesque masterpiece,

dedicated to the patron Saint of Verona, counts among its numerous works of art

 doors decorated with 48 bronze panels portraying Biblical scenes.


Below, Castelvecchio (Italian: "Old Castle") is a castle in Verona, is the most important

military construction of the Scaliger dynasty that ruled the city in the Middle Ages.


The castle is powerful and compact in its size with very little decoration,

a square compound built of red bricks, an example of Gothic architecture of the age.

A remarkable feature is the imposing M-shaped merlons along the castle and bridge walls.


 It has seven towers, a superelevated keep (maschio) with four main buildings inside.

The castle is surrounded by a ditch, now dry, which was once filled with waters from the Adige.


 Through the City gates  - below left, Porta della cittą and below right, Porta Borsari


Below, the Arena di Verona - a 2000 year old Roman Arena and it's still going strong.

The opera stage is the largest in the world. In the summer, the arena hosts opera and concerts.


This great amphitheatre could hold up to 25.000 spectators

and its interior is still perfectly preserved (even the acoustic).

Below, Piazza Dante (aka Piazza dei Signori) is the heart of the older part of Verona.

It is dominated by palaces and has at its center the statue of the famous poet Dante.


We enjoyed a tour of the city. Below, part of our group walking.


Below, the Piazza Delle Erbe  (The ancient Roman Forum),

site of historical (and architecturally fascinating) buildings

 as well as a colorful fruit and vegetable market.


Piazza Delle Erbe is dominated by the high Lamberti Tower.

The square is surrounded by stupendous palaces built in various periods,

 some of which are adorned with frescoes that are still visible.


Only a few paces from Piazza Erbe, is  Juliet's House (La Casa di Giulietta),

 A small marble plaque records the most famous verses of Shakespeare's tragedy,

in which Romeo declares his love for Juliet as she stands on the balcony.


The courtyard of the Mercato Vecchio, old market, is bounded by the four inner walls

of the elegant fifteenth century Palazzo della Ragione or Palazzo del Comune, below.


It is where the famous Gothic staircase, added in the mid-15th c. stands.

The zebra striped decorative effects, common to both the exterior

and interior walls, is obtained by using bands of brick and stone.


Above, the view from the top of the belltower


Above, the 'Arche Scaligere' cemetery is only visible through the fencing which encloses it.

It is one of Verona's most fascinating monuments and a masterpiece of Veronese Gothic architecture.

It consists of the monumental tombs of the Veronese nobility,

and is closed off in an area which is adjacent to the church of Santa Maria Antica.


Above - St Anastasia is the largest church in Verona and dates back as far as 1290 AD,

although most of the building work was carried out in the 14th and 15th centuries.

There are works covering the 14th to 18th centuries with many frescos dating from the 15th century.


This imposing Gothic building is the largest in Verona. It is completely made of bricks,

 and has three naves with transepts and five polygonal apses.

It was founded by the Dominicans in 1290 and finally completed in 1481.


 The interior is majestic and sumptuous: the furnishings and decorations are rich.

The flooring is made of multi-coloured marble and dates back to 1462.


The Piazza Bra is a stylish area lined with cafes, government buildings and  fashionable shops

It's for pedestrians only and contains the Arena. It is THE place to see and meet people.


We later ended up joining the hundreds of locals and tourists in the Piazza Bra,

listening to the Pooh Concert and dancing and singing in the streets. We loved Verona.