The Treehouse was an educational game for toddlers and preschoolers.

I enjoyed the research of musical instruments for the product.

Below - The exterior and interior background screens, and some of the animations

In the intro, the boy and girl opossums would be hanging from the long branch of the tree.

When you clicked on the opossum that you desired for an avatar, he or she would

do a flip and land on the ground awaiting your next move.

The smaller animations above were for the interior of the treehouse

Below is a magnification of the exterior of the treehouse above.

Below is a magnification of the interior of the treehouse.

Notice on both screens how dither and patterns help the illusion of lots of colors.

There are only 8 colors and a total of 44 shades for all of the art you see here.

Below are a few of the character animations for the game

I have a story about this screen. When I turned in the first version for approval,

the art director said "Are you feeling alright these days, Fred?"

She said, "This is not the bluebird of happiness!"

It was an example I've never forgotten, of how my mood can affect my art!

Can you name all of the instruments above?

See if you can find a: homemade banjo, balloon, guitar, bottle, didgeridoo, harmonica, koto, chimes,

clarinet, flute, marimba, harp, tuba, trombone, cello, sousaphone, tympan, piano, bassoon,

saxophone, bass, and violin!