Thursday, June 10, 2004 - Cortona to Todi




We rode along the lake to Passignano, then to Marsciano and finally up to Todi




The Renaissance Church of the Consolazione stands alone outside the town walls.




In Piazza del Popolo, at the top of the hill are the Duomo, the Palazzo del Priori and the enormous Gothic Palazzo del Popolo with a portico on the ground floor, leading by an outside staircase to the Palazzo del Capitano.




I don't think we missed a street or a perimeter view. We walked the entire city.




Todi is surrounded by three more or less complete concentric walls: the outermost is medieval, the middle wall is Roman, and the innermost is recognizable as partly Etruscan.




    The counter-fašade of the Cathedral is occupied by a giant fresco depicting the Universal Judgment by Ferra¨ Faenzone, a work commissioned by Cardinal Angelo Cesi