Friday, June 11, 2004 - Todi - Orvieto loop




Orvieto is situated on a flat-topped, elliptical block of volcanic tufa in the middle of the Paglia Valley. From the town it is possible to see beyond the plain to hilly countryside with many deep incisions carved by numerous rivers. Olive trees and vines grow in the volcanic soil.




The medieval structure of the town remains largely unchanged; the streets are narrow and winding and flanked by low houses made of tufa stone or basalt. The Duomo dominates the town.




Each piazza is different - clock towers and bell towers everywhere. The main clock tower in the picture below is called Moro's tower (Torre del Moro).




There are many ceramics artists in this area of Italy. Orvieto had way too many shops. We wanted to buy everything!




We climbed the main clock tower - about 400 steps - to enjoy the views below.




After enjoying our visit to Orvieto, we returned to our hotel in Todi.


Below right is the view from the outside patio and restaurant of our hotel in Todi.