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Rio Del Mar - This whole painting is a study in triangles


The Entertainer - from sketches at Pier 39 in San Francisco


Street People - Traffic at Union Square in San Francisco


Ocean King - Chinatown in San Francisco


Financial - In the financial district of San Francisco


Looking Back - A self-portrait


Study in Purple


Woman 1986


The Menu - Lunch at Stanford University


Chess Players - The Series


Street Dancers


Living San Jose


The Diary


Girl In Open Blouse


First new painting with brush instead of palette knife


Second painting - Opening up


Impressionist Isle One


Impressionist Isle Two


Homage to Monet








Pensive Young Girl At Window


girl at window

Girl At The Window


Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio 2010



Ponte Vecchio 2012


debra garden

Debra in the Garden 2012


welcome to Eze

Welcome to Eze





The Building of Fred's Studio


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