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Sevilla was our favorite city to visit in Spain. For all its important monuments and fascinating history,

Sevilla is universally famous for being a joyous town. While the Sevillians are known

for their wit and sparkle, the city itself is striking for its vitality. It is the largest town

 in Southern Spain, the city of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro. It is magical!


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See (Spanish: Catedral de Santa Marķa de la Sede),

better known as Sevilla Cathedral, is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest

church in the world, after St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and St. Paul's Cathedral in London.


The cathedral was completed in just over a century (1402-1506),

quite an achievement given its size and Gothic details.



In 1888 the dome collapsed, due to an earthquake, and resulted in the

destruction of "every precious object below" the dome at that time.



I actually have over three hundred photos of this cathedral. There are so many angles

and great viewpoints, not to mention the effects of light during the day and evening.



The huge interior of the cathedral, with a central nave and four side aisles, is lavishly decorated.

Gold is everywhere.   But at the same time, there is a sense of overall simplicity in decoration,

for the grand monuments are confined to the side aisles and the huge nave is left mostly empty.



In the center is the great box-like structure of the coro (choir),

which contains elaborate 15th-century choir stalls.



The Giralda in Sevilla is one of three remaining Almohad minarets in the world (the others

are in Marrakesh and Rabat, Morocco). The beautiful structure became the bell tower of

Sevilla Cathedral after the Reconquista and it dominates the city's skyline.



The tower's inner construction is nearly as impressive as the outer. There are no stairs.

Instead, there is a series of 35 gently inclined ramps that are wide enough to allow two

guards on horseback to pass. The long climb is rewarded with glimpses of the cathedral's

buttresses and gargoyles on the way up and a dazzling view of Seville at the top.