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9/15 Wed We climbed over Minaret Summit on our way to Devil's Postpile.

Then we climbed back up to the summit, down to Mammoth Lakes for lunch.

After lunch we climbed up to Lake Mary for a lazy afternoon.


ABOVE - The Climb to Mammoth Mountain ski area

BELOW - Mammoth Mountain ski area


BELOW - Time for a snack at Minaret Summit (el. 9,265').


BELOW - A visit to Devil's Postpile


Approximately 100,000 years ago, a lava flow erupted two miles upstream from the

location of today's Monument.  As it flowed down the Valley, it eventually ran into

an obstruction which served as a dam to the lava's path. 

Pooling up to as deep as 400 feet behind the natural dam, the lava cooled. 

Conditions were such that the lava--that was incredibly uniform in its mineral

composition--cooled at a very slow rate. 

As it cooled, it contracted and cracked, forming hexagonal columns. 

80,000 years later, a glacier flowed through the same valley, overriding the

formation and eventually revealing the sides and tops of the columns. 


BELOW - Flora around Devil's Postpile



BELOW - Views as we rode around Lake Mary