Wednesday 9.19.07 – Tram to Schilthorn, Hike to Gimmelwald

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Above, early view from our hotel room window,  a hearty breakfast,  and the Birg tram stop.

It snowed last night!  We woke up to a winter paradise, and decided to take the tram up to Birg and then on to the Schilthorn.


Above, the tram from Birg to Piz Gloria at the top of the Schilthorn Mountain

Above, panorama of the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau mountains.

Below, the panorama divided into two separate pics for easier viewing.


OK. I know there's a lot of snow pictures.  Honest, this is only a fraction of the photos.

When they start looking the same,  just move on to the non-snow photos at the end.


With the changing light, moving clouds and fog, I really felt that each photo was different.


Yes, this is where the famous James Bond ski chase was filmed!


These were taken at the Piz Gloria at the top of the Schilthorn  with its 360 degree views


Below - Time to leave the snow and blue skies and ride the tram down through the clouds


After lunch in Mürren, we trammed down to the Lauterbrunnen valley and clearing skies


We then hiked to Stechelberg, at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley


From there we hiked up to Gimmelwald, following the Sefinen river with its many falls.


Gimmelwald is a quaint farm village.  Judith liked all of the lace curtains.


We then hiked up to Mürren, still watching the mountain snow and wishing we took the tram