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5/24 Mon - We toured the Basilica di Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross),

the principal Franciscan church of Florence, Italy this morning.

The Basilica is the largest Franciscan church in the world. Its most notable features are

its sixteen chapels, many of them decorated with frescoes by Giotto and his pupils,

and its tombs and cenotaphs.  The frescoes were very interesting,

and we enjoyed the leather school behind the church.


Above - Santa Croce in shadow, in sunlight, and in the evening

Below - the interior of Santa Croce with its numerous chapels


Below, left - Galileo's tomb            Below, middle - stained glass window

Below, right - Assumption of the Virgin by Guiseppe Bezzuoli, 1840, oil on canvas


Below, left - The Deposition from the Cross by Francesco Salvati 1547-1548

Below, middle - Descent of Christ into Limbo Painted by Agnolo Bronzino. 1552

Below, right - Presentation of Mary in the Temple by Taddeo Gaddi 1328-1330


Below - The Coronation of the Virgin (c.1380-90), tempera on wood by Agnola Gaddi.

This painting is probably the central panel of an altarpiece


Below - Piazza de la Republica

Below - Judith and Fred in front of the Fountain of Neptune


In the late afternoon, we walked up to Piazzale Michelangelo, a famous square

with a magnificent panoramic view of Florence.

It is a very popular gathering place for young people.


We intended to stay there until evening to see the city lights,

but instead decided to hike around the hills.

Later, we attended another concert.