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5/20 Thur – The sun is out this morning – yay!


Above - We snapped a few photos of or villa and chariot (Fiat, that is).

Below - We walked up to Assisi and took some more

“sunny” pictures to add to our darker collection.


Below - We then walked up to Rocca Maggiore, the 12th century fortress

at the top of the hill overlooking the rest of Assisi. 


The fortress dominates the entire city and, after the Basilica of St. Francis,

it is the first monument that strikes the visitor's eye as one approaches Assisi.


Above and Below - We climbed the towers, took some pictures,

walked on top of  the walls as well as inside the walls, and headed back down to the city.


Below - The Views from the towers of Rocca Maggiore


Next we visited the Basilica di San Chiara. The body of St. Claire is preserved in the crypt.

The crypt is unbelievable. It is entirely constructed of marble.


Saint Claire was a close, early companion of Saint Francis and

the founder of the Poor Clares, the Franciscan nuns.

Below - We also visited Chiesa Nuova built in 1615 on the site

of the presumed birthplace of St. Francis.


Chiesa Nuova was quite beautiful inside. We thought it was just a small,

plain church. The interior domes were very impressive.


Above and Below - Inside Chiesa Nuova


As we left Assisi today We found a better spot for a Photo of the lower church.