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9/23 - Today, we cycled first to San Martinho do Porto, with its beautiful bay in a perfect

shell shape. Then we rode on to Nazaré , a great little fishing village. After leaving the beaches,

It was onward to the hills and finally, to The Sanctuary of Fatima.


Breakfast at the hotel, and onward to the day's adventures


BELOW - First stop, Sao Martinho do Porto


The reason for São Martinho's success is its beach, a vast sweep of sand that curls around

an almost landlocked bay to form a natural swimming pool, where sardine boats bob before the quay.

 It's a very pretty beach, while the shelter of the bay makes it one of the warmest places to swim

on the west coast, with the sands sloping down into calm, shallow water.


BELOW - Even the road signs are tiles


Beautiful ride, looking down at the coast


BELOW - Time for a windmill lecture, then on to Nazaré


BELOW - It is said that the picturesque village of Nazaré got its name from a statue

of the Virgin Mary brought to town from Nazareth by a monk in the 4th century. 


Today it is Portugal's most famous fishing village, having always

drawn visitors to its beach and genuinely colorful life.


Stroll along the beach to the fishing harbour and if you’re lucky, you can watch the ships

unload the catch of the day and see the old tradition of fishermen

putting their mackerel and sardines on wire racks to dry.


BELOW - Onward to our picnic lunch 


Below - Founded in thanksgiving for a major military victory in 1385, Batalha Monastery

is a magnificent example of medieval Portuguese architecture


A day of adventures



The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima, or Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary

The fifteen church altars are dedicated to the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.

The large church organ was installed in 1952 and has about twelve thousand pipes.


BELOW - We enjoyed a great dinner.  Of course Judith ate everyone's dessert.