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9/22 - We cycled to Peniche today, which is the westernmost city of continental Europe,

then rode around Cape Carvoeiro, its most extreme point.

Afterward, we continued to Serra d' El Rei, and biked along the lagoon of Obidos.

Our destination was the medieval small town of Obidos, surrounded by walls.


We cycled around Cape Carvoeiro with its strange rocks

that were cut by the sea and the strong wind over the centuries.


The cape is a landmark for a ship traveling to or from the Mediterranean.


The cliffs rise nearly vertically from the Atlantic to a height of 75 meters.


BELOW - The cycling continues up the coast and around the lagoon


BELOW - Almost at the picnic lunch


BELOW - A quick lunch, then on to Obidos


BELOW - Our beautiful hotel just outside of the castle walls


BELOW - Let's tour the medieval village of Obidos


BELOW - Church of Santa Maria in Obidos


We loved all of the Bougainvillea everywhere


We walked up to Obidos Castle


Obidos Castle is one of the gems among the medieval castles of Portugal.

It is beautifully situated on a hill among fertile lands, and the height offers magnificent views

of the surrounding vineyards, windmills and terrecotta roofs of the local houses.


The fortress was erected after 713. In 1210 Kig Alfonso II

gave the castle and village Obidos to his wife Urraca.

Below - Judith sips a "secret"