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4/29 - Giethoorn to Kampen - Last day of cycling

We started out with a cold windy rainy morning. The rain stopped by noon

but the cold fierce winds continued all day. We were glad to ride into Kampen,

check into the historic B&B and say good-bye to our bikes. Overall, we've really

enjoyed this tour and feel we've had a good look at this small country.


Above - The city of Vollenhove

Above, left - Kleine of Lieve Vrouwkerk (Little or Sweet Lady - Church)

Below, right - The city of Genemuiden, ready for Queen's Day


Below, left - Another beautiful thatched roof house on today's route.

You'll be glad to know this is the LAST picture of a thatched roof!!

Below, middle - Kampen

Below, right - Stad Haus (Town Hall) in Kampen


Kampen has one of the best preserved old town centres of the Netherlands,

including remains of the ancient city wall (of which three gates are still standing).


Below  - Everywhere we looked, they were getting ready for tomorrow's big

"Queen Day" celebration. Judith thought she should buy this hat so she'd look like a local.


Below, left - Boughs of greenery with gold crowns were hung across the street

for tomorrow's coronation of the new King. Guess they'll have to change the holiday

to "King's Day" since they will no longer have a Queen.

Below, right - Saying farewell to our rental bikes as

Tulip Cycling owner loads them onto her car


Below, left - We were lucky to find a great vegetarian meal in Kampen.