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4/28 - Lemmer to Giethoorn - Today was one of our favorite rides of the trip!

The scenery was ever-changing and the partly cloudy skies made for beautiful reflections.

With a mostly sunny day the temperature was a bit warmer - high 50s.


ABOVE - Packed shell/gravel path through the National Park

It looks like a Dutch painting!

Love the cloud reflections.


Below - Scenery in the National Park


Below, left - Sometimes we rode for miles through farmland, and were always

surprised to look out into the field and see a boat going across!


We saw hundreds of thatched roof houses. I'm only publishing a few favorites.

All of these thatched roof houses are in the National Park/Nature Reserves of

De Wieden and De Weerribben. We were cycling in the park for about 40 kilometers.


Below, left - Lots of canoeing, kayaking and other boating on these canals

Below, middle - Lunch in the National Park

Below, right - Another great reflection


Below, middle -

The old traditional thatched homes went on forever.


Above and below - Bundles of reeds used for making thatched roofs

We learned that in winter when the watery fields are frozen, the tractors can drive in

to cut the reeds. They are then bundled and stacks until hauled away for use.


The most common means of transport is by boat since there are very few roads in this area.


Below - Riding through this park for hours was interesting and educational.

This is the largest continuous peat moor area in Northwestern Europe.

Below, middle - Judith riding In a peat moor


Below - The everyday life of the Dutch is very interesting.


Below, left - Judith waiting for the small ferry crossing in the National Park

Below, right - Love the natural landscaping.


It's so quiet here

Below, right - Cyclists have to walk over the steep bridges


Below, left - I could get into rowing here


Below, middle - Now there's a reflection!

Below, right - The winding path through the park


Below, left - A group of cyclists in the park


Finally saw how the roofs are made - what a job!

Below - You can still see a bundle being put in place for the roof. Wires are

twisted through and around the bundles to hold them in place.

The final move is to trim the thatch.


This is the town where we are staying - Giethoorn.

It's like Disneyland! We only saw a little of it today.


The elongated village is located in the middle of De Wieden nature reserve.

The mostly thatched roof houses, canals and tiny bridges

(only big enough for walking or cycling) are the characteristic features.

It took two hundred years to build this town and it's only

two houses wide and five kilometers long!


Below - Dinner at the hotel