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4/26 - Alkmaar to Enkhuizen -

It rained the entire day and the high was 8 celsius (in the 40s).

We took far fewer photos than usual since it was dark and rainy -

couldn't even get any good ones of Enkhuizen, our destination of the day.


ABOVE - Boat load of cheese going past our hotel room window on the way to the morning's cheese market

Poffertjes - puffy little pancakes - very yummy! Yeast is added to make them rise more than regular heavier pancakes.

Here I am ready to devour a plate full of Poffertjes - should I share with Judith? hmmm...

Below - Even though it was a rainy morning, the cheese market festivities took place

as they have every Friday morning for centuries.

The men in the yellow hats are from one of four guilds of "cheese carriers"


We planned our stay to be in Alkmaar on Friday morning which is Cheese Market Day.

Early in the morning, cheesemakers line up their giant orange wheels in neat rows

on the square. Prospective buyers (mostly wholesalers) examine and sample the cheese

and make their selections. Then the cheese is sold off with great fanfare,

as an emcee narrates the action in Dutch & English. To close the deal, costumed carriers

run the giant wheels back & forth to the Weigh House just as they have for centuries.

They load the cheese onto a "cheese barrow" - kind of a wooden stretcher -

then sling each end over their shoulders and run to & fro.

Above, right - "Cheese Fathers" loading the wheels of cheese onto the "cheese barrows"

so they can be carried to the Weigh House. Since it was raining,

the white sheets were used to keep the cheese dry until ready to sell.

Below, left - Lots of cheese to be sold

Below, right - Running to the Weigh House. You can see cheese on the scale on the far left


Below, left - Dressed for a cold rainy day

Below, middle - Stad Haus (Town Hall) in Hoorn

Below, right - Snack stop along LakeIjsselmeer. We rode along the lake for miles & miles


Below - Beautiful sunset from our B&B room - wouldn't you know,

the rain stopped after we finished our outside activities!!