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4/20 - Schoonhoven to Gouda - 2 degrees Celsius when we started, but sunny all day.

We cycled 45 miles and didn't warm up enough to remove any layer of clothing until about mile 30.

Below - We were on paths that went for miles through farm land and with small canals

on both sides. We felt like we were in an alien world without cars.

Love all of the nests in the middle of the canal!


Below - We decided that cycling through Holland is the only way to truly see the countryside.

Those who visit in tour buses and cars will never see the peaceful

remote areas full of wildlife that we are seeing on our bikes.

Can't identify the bird, but couldn't resist the photo. It was comfortable

 in it's nest and not at all frightened of our passing bikes.

Daffodils along every canal all day


Below - For the next 10 miles, it was non-stop windmills.

We were lucky to have a sunny day to enjoy them!


Below - Note the waterwheel on the side of this windmill.

Below, middle - No, I haven't gained weight! I'm wearing 6 layers

of clothing to keep warm in the 40 degree weather.

Below, right - Judith in awe of the numerous windmills at Kinderdijk. There were 20-30

in a small area and they are designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Below - Duck family through the reeds


Below, left - Different style of blades on this windmill

We had two ferry crossings today


Below - On this path we saw lots of road cyclists and even a group of about a dozen

with team jerseys in a double pace line. They flew past us too fast to get a photo.

Time to shop for some Gouda cheese


Below, left - Inside the Gouda Cheese shop - they had samples

of about 20 flavors of gouda cheese - YUM!

Gouda cheese is best described as a style of cheese making rather than a

kind of cheese, as its taste depends almost completely on the time it has aged.

Below, right - The Waag (weigh house) - built in 1667 across from the Old City Hall,

this building was used for weighing goods (especially cheese) to levy taxes.

It now is a national monument, and hosts a small cheese museum.


Below, middle - Old City Hall at the Markt square - built between 1448 and 1450,

one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the Netherlands. The entire square was filled with a market

when we arrived. They were clearing the last of the tents when I took this photo.


Below, middle - Town Hall on left and Sint Janskerk (St John's Church) on right

Below, right - Stadhaus (town hall) in Gouda - built 1636


Below -  Our hotel, Hotel De Utrechtsche Dom has been located on the same spot

in the citycentre of Gouda for more than 300 years.