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4/19 - Utrecht to Schoonhoven - Sunny but cold (40 degrees) this morning.

Clouds moved in soon then about mid-day we had our first rain of the trip.

Luckily, it didn't last very long, and the winds were much lighter  than yesterday.


Above, left - Reflections on the canal in Utrecht

Above, middle - Lots of barges on the canal

Below, right - Judith riding through the town gate of Ijsselstein (at Kasteel Montfoort)


Below, middle - Bring on the rain! I'm covered from head to toe!

Below, right - Judith warming up with great hot chocolate in Oudewater


Below, left - Stairstep facade in Oudewater

Oudewater is famous for the Heksenwaag (Witches' scales).

In the 16th century, many people accused of witchcraft from all over Europe

 made a desperate trip to Oudewater to avoid being burned at a stake.

After the weighing, they received an official certificate proclaiming them not a witch.

Below, right - Judith riding towards the Molen (windmill) Bonrepas


Below - Schoonhoven Water Tower


Below, left - Church tower in Schoonhoven


Schoonhoven is renowned for its silver, hence it is nicknamed Zilverstad ("Silver City").

Since the 17th century silver smiths have always been present here.

Today there are a lot of silver trade possibilities and Schoonhoven is home

of the International Silver School.