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4/16 - Zwolle to Harderwijk

We are already getting spoiled with great hotels and great food!

Today we cycled 40 miles in constant ferocious headwinds!!! Luckily, there was no rain.


ABOVE - Fred at the hotel, Judith on a drawbridge along the bike path, and thatched houses

BELOW - Two of many thatched roof houses along our route

Right - New house under construction with new thatched roof


Below, right - Route signs along our bike path.

Sure glad our route was mapped on a Garmin; otherwise we would never have found our way.


Below, middle - Lots of tall masted ships in Kampen


BELOW - One of three remaining old city gates of Kampen in Netherlands.

Here I am at the gate, talking to a local who has cycled every canal in Holland.

He explained that the wind shifts through the day so that you ALWAYS have a head wind!!

And we found that his words were true!

Below, right - Sign indicating we had crossed from "NEW" land created in the 1960s to "OLD" land


Below, left - Great cobblestones in the interesting old town of Elburg

Below, right -  Hundreds of these in a yard - we have no idea what they are


Sunset view from the window of our hotel on the strand - overlooking the beach