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4/15 - We took the train from Amsterdam to Zwolle where we explored the town, then met up with

Peter Vos from Tulip Cycling to get our bikes and instructions for the next two weeks' cycilng adventure.

Zwolle was founded around 800 A.D. The name Zwolle is derived from the word Suolle, which means "hill"

This refers to the hill between the four rivers surrounding the city. It was the only piece of land that

would remain dry during the frequent floodings of the rivers. Zwolle was established on that hill.


ABOVE - We took the train from Amsterdam to Zwolle

Below, center - Hotel Fidder in Zwolle. All of the buildings in this neighborhood are

designated as national monuments because of the early 20th century art nouveau architecture.


There are a lot of wonderful art nouveau buildings, built in the 1900's.


Below, middle- Judith on the main shopping street in Zwolle


Below, second from right - the Grote or Sint MichaŽlskerk (big or Saint Michael Church),

was renovated in the first half of the 15th century.


Above, right - The Basilica of Our Lady of the Ascension, dating from 1399, has one of the tallest

church towers in The Netherlands. The Pepperpot Tower (Peperbustoren) is a Zwolle landmark.

It is so-called because it resembles a peppermill.

It's hard to take a picture in the city without capturing the tower.

BELOW - As the sun started setting, the buildings began to glow!


Below - Zwolle Centrum (center) Lots of family biking! We actually saw one hauling three kids!


Below - There are several bridges across the Zwarte Water River (Black water),

including a bicycle bridge.


Below, left - Judith ascending the staircase to our room