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4/14 - We walked many miles today, along canals, checking out lots of interesting buildings,

old houses, and churches.


ABOVE - Vincent and Fred, Amsterdam Centraal, and the Art Store

Below, center - Judith outside of the Hermitage Museum

where we enjoyed a fabulous exhibit of Van Gogh paintings


Below - De Oude Kerk (The Old Church) dominates over the Red Light District.

Although originally built as a Catholic place of worship, today the Oude Kerk

is one of the unique buildings expressing the national character of Dutch Protestantism.


Through its exceptional architecture, high windows full of light, beautifully sculpted misericords

in the choir, and impressive old granite gravestones on its floor, the Oude Kerk symbolizes

the tradition and the present-day of Amsterdam.

Below, left - Busy canal, great buildings


BELOW - Love the various styles of gables!

Below, middle - Check out the 2nd house from the right - it has quite a tilt to the left!

The short gray building (4th from left) is tilting toward the canal


BELOW - As the sun started setting, the buildings began to glow!


Below, right - Colorful houseboats along the canal at sunset


Below, middle - Amstel Hotel at sunset


Below - Judith is deciding what color of wooden shoes will go best with her outfit.

This one is a little too large.