9.9.09 - Our second day of bicycling and Fred's camera is still on the wrong setting!

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Above - Le Chateau de Losse in Thonac and a geese farm in Tursac

I kinda like green and gray pictures.

Below - The Geese Farm in Tursac.    Yay, Judith snapped a color photo!


Below - Debra and the Dinosaur  -  Beauty and the Bridge


Below - Roque St. Christophe - The cliff contains five levels of natural caves

which were used as dwelling space from prehistory through the Middle Ages.


Below - drawing of what it might have

looked like as a fortified medieval town.

Below - Judith rides into St. Léon sur Vézère


Below - Romanesque Church, Vézère River, Weeping Willow trees along the water


This village of stone houses defines "narrow streets"


This is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in France


Judith decided to continue her lace curtain series


Below - Fred is still taking his green and gray photos



Below - Storage for the stones used for construction of houses

Below - Chateau de Losse, a fifteenth century castle


Below - Small church in Montignac


Below - Montignac is divided by the Vézère River


You would think that Fred would figure out that he is missing some colors

in that LCD on his camera - but you would be wrong!


Below - Judith's Montignac flower series


Below - Castel Merle in Sergeac


Above - Fred's photos          Below - Judith's pics