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6/22 Sad day, today. Judith's knee has been hurting more each day, and this morning,

her leg was bright red from knee to ankle, and burning hot, with pain and swelling.

It would later be diagnosed as bursitis (inflamed medial portion of the knee).

But for today, we decided to spend some time in Martigny, Switzerland.


ABOVE - We watched the luggage get loaded into the van as other luggage was

being hauled by mules headed for the trails on the mountain.     

ABOVE - We discovered that a very important Monet exhibit was opening in Martigny.

BELOW - A few of the many paintings on display from the Musee Marmottan in Paris,

as well as various private collections around Switzerland




BELOW - We also ate lunch and spent some time in the sculpture garden.






The Pierre Gianadda Foundation (Fondation Pierre Gianadda) is the most important cultural attraction in Martigny and in addition to the Gallo-Roman Museum houses a car museum and every year two top exhibitions focusing on world-famous artists. The building was constructed around the remains of a former Roman temple.

BELOW - We enjoyed the Musee de l'Automobile


BELOW - Finally, we walked around the town of Martigny


BELOW - The parish church of Our Lady of the Visitation