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6/19 It snowed all morning as we hiked up to the Col de la Seigne, At the top of the pass,

it was freezing, and the wind was ferocious.  We ducked into a tiny hut and put on all

of the clothing we had, including two layers of fleece, a jacket, and ski gloves.

We hiked today from the Vallee des Glaciers in France  to Courmayeur, Italy.


ABOVE - The rain yesterday was snow on the mountaintops. It became a winter wonderland.


BELOW - There was lots of water to cross today - more wet feet!



We made our way up through the new snow.  Wildflowers were peeking out.




We could have used some crampons or snowshoes today!



Another great lunch spot, out of the wind



As always, there were plenty of new flowers to ponder.