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9/30 - Sa Coma to Manacor and Petra

Rolling hills and great views all day. Temperature in the mid-80's.


ABOVE  - Early morning at the hotel and Judith with bougainvillea

BELOW - Tina with directions in Son Carrio, Judith and the Church of Son Negre


BELOW - Church in small town of Son Negre

Field of chili peppers in front of typical stone farmhouse


BELOW - Manacor has one of the busiest street markets on the island,

held every Monday morning in front of the gothic cathedral.


The city of Manacor is the center of Mallorca's pearl industry

as well as the producer of hand crafted olive wood products.


BELOW - Wonderful views of the distant mountains on our morning ride.

This was a beautiful road with switchbacks at the end, all the way up to Petra.


BELOW - The fountain of the main square in Petra is surrounded by cafes and bike racks.

While we were there, we saw at least 100 other cyclists also enjoying refreshments.

The town obviously loves cyclists!


Time for lunch in the Petra town center

This sleepy town of sand coloured houses would be completely off the tourist map if it were not

the birthplace of Mallorca's most famous son, Fray Junipero Serra.

Born in 1713 he became a priest in 1730 and worked as a missionary in Mexico from 1749 to 1763.

At the age of 54 he was sent to California; the missions he established there grew into

some of the USA's largest cities including San Diego and San Francisco.


BELOW - Statue of Junipero Serra surrounded by flowers that were left there

in celebration of his 300th birthday. We just missed the big celebration

which was held this past week-end.

Judith in front of the Church of Saint Peter in Petra.


ABOVE - Petra is the birthplace of Friar Junipero Serra, the 18th century Franciscan friar

who played an important role in the settlement of Spanish North America.

In 1769 he began converting Native Americans of coastal California to the Catholic faith,

and established a string of nine missions along the Pacific Coast.

This banner on the Church of Saint Peter is honoring his 300th anniversary.


ABOVE - Most all Californians will recognize this familiar bell that is strategically placed

every few miles along El Camino Real. We found this one, along with a flag

of California, in the Junipero Serra Museum in Petra.


Along the Caller (street) Junipero Serra in Petra, there were tiles of all his California Missions.



BELOW - Judith relaxing in front of a ceramic tile picturing Junipero Serra.


BELOW - On the ride back from Petra