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9/28 - Today, we explored the most significant remains of the Talaiotic culture,

which flourished in Mallorca between around 1300 and 800 BC. It was dominated by

talaiots (circular or rectangular structures) two to three stories high,

which were used as both burial chambers and defensive forts.

Each settlement was surrounded by Cyclopean walls, built from

massive unhewn stones without mortar to hold them together.


ABOVE and BELOW - All of the cyclists gathered in front of the hotel

to receive their instructions for the day.


BELOW - Fred and Judith pose in front of an old windmill.

We had flashbacks of The Netherlands!


BELOW - The Talaiot ruins


The talaiots, or talayots, are Bronze Age megaliths on the islands of Minorca and Mallorca


There is no evidence of a written language, so the stones are all that archeologists

have to go by in understanding prehistoric Mallorcan culture.


The Talaiotic people kept sheep and the sound of sheep bells

in the nearby fields is a touching reminder of continuity.


BELOW - We explored a bluff overlooking the Mediterranean.



ABOVE and BELOW - We decided to do an optional bike route to Llucmajor.