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9/25 - We went to the market (La Boqueria), then to the Cathedral of Barcelona,

and finally, to a concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Concert Hall).


ABOVE - This is the 17th century Baroque Betlem Church - note the sloping roofline,

ball-topped pinnacles, corkscrew columns and scrolls above the entrance.

Baroque is unusual in Barcelona since it's glory days were during the medieval period.

It is dedicated to Bethlehem and the church has spectacular Nativity scenes at Christmas.

BELOW - Judith at the market, La Boqueria, in front of fresh fruit,

juices, veggies, and every kind of nut imaginable


BELOW - We stopped at the famous Pinotxo Bar and watched Juan at work.



ABOVE and BELOW - The colossal Catedral de Barcelona. This gothic structure

was built in the 14th century during the glory days of the Catalan nation.

In the 19th century the facade was made more ornate in a Neo-Gothic style.

The central spire was capped in 1913 at 230 feet tall.


ABOVE and BELOW - Views from the roof of the Cathedral


BELOW - Interior and main facade of the Barcelona Cathedral


BELOW - Great buildings from our walk around Barcelona.


Below - More picturesque buildings and flags.


Below - Front of the Concert Hall (Palau de la Musica Catalana). The Modernista interior

was finished in 1908. Inviting arches lead you into the 2138 seat interior surrounded by

playful carvings, mosaics and stained glass that celebrate music and the Catalan culture.


The stage of the concert hall. We had fantastic seats (which we reserved months in advance).

One of the best concerts ever! There were four Spanish guitars and

the finale was an unbelievable rendition of Bolero.