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10/09 - Last Day in Barcelona. We tried to walk to all of the neighborhoods

that we hadn't seen yet. We discovered a couple more

interesting churches and found another concert to attend.

BELOW left - The Palau de la Generalitat is a historic palace in Barcelona, Catalonia,

northern Spain. It houses the offices of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

It is one of the few buildings of medieval origin in Europe that still functions

as a seat of government and houses the institution that originally built it.


ABOVE middle and left - The streets were so interesting, but because they were narrow

and the buildings were tall, the features were always in shadow.

The camera just can't show how neat the buildings are.

BELOW - The Grand Royal Palace. In this complex of three buildings, many important persons

resided, including the Kings of Aragon. It was built about ten centuries ago.


 We LOVED Barcelona - had such a great time exploring neighborhoods and getting lost

in narrow side streets/alleyways! There was always a surprise around every corner!


ABOVE left - Lots of things to fall on a person!

BELOW - Cathedral Santa Maria del Mar. "Del Mar" means "of the sea" and this

church was built by wealthy shippers in the La Ribera neighborhood of Barcelona.


In the Middle Ages, the long periods of time it took to build a church – often more than

a century – usually involved changes in architectural style. Santa Maria del Mar

in Barcelona is an exception. It was built in just 55 years, from 1329 to 1384,

and is the only surviving church in the pure Catalan Gothic style.


BELOW left - The Museu Picasso is housed in five Catalan-Gothic-style palazzos

dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, and opened to the public in 1963. It is now

an essential museum for anyone wanting to find out about the artist’s formative years.

The setting alone, in five contiguous medieval stone mansions, makes the Museu Picasso

unique (and worth the probable queues). The beautiful courtyards, galleries and staircases

preserved in the first three of these buildings are as delightful as the collection inside.


BELOW middle - The church of Santa Maria del Pi was built between 1319 and 1391,

in the purest Gothic style. It comprises a single nave, with side chapels between buttresses.

The large rose window, measuring 10 meters in diameter, is second in size

only to the rose window of the  Nôtre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

It is said that a pine forest once stood on this site of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, and, indeed,

a pine tree still stands in front of the church. Hence the name "St. Mary of the Pine Tree".

We enjoyed the Flamenco guitar concert with Pedro Javier Gonzales at the church.


ABOVE left - These building facades are becoming rare, because they are so expensive to clean.

BELOW left - The Museum of Erotica on Barcelona's Las Ramblas.

BELOW right - No, we didn't see Rafa Nadal, but we did like this pharmacy!