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10/05 - Today Julio, our sag driver, local Mallorcan expert and certified high mountain

guide, led us on a hike into the mountains above Cala Sant Vicenc.


Still a little cloudy at the beginning of the hike


Our group heading up the rocky trail. Most of the landscape here

is limestone with a few low plants, especially rosemary.


Our guide, Julio, discusses the history and geology of the area.


Checking out a cave. This was man-made during the Spanish

civil war to store ammunition for Franco's troops


A spectacular view behind us of the Cavall Bernat range



View from near the top of the climb. The view shows tomorrow's

bike ride to the far peninsula, Cap de Formentor



BELOW  - There were wild goats lounging on the far white peninsula.


BELOW - Now, to just get back down to Cala Sant Vicenc


BELOW - Fred and Lucie get ready to hike to Port Pollenca


Cala San Vicenc has three sandy coves that open to the north, less protected from the

onslaught of the north wind, the Tramuntana. The rock formation of the Serra de

Cavall Bernat, with its peaks and undulating lines reminiscent of horse trails, doesn’t

offer any protection either. As a result, the north wind sends its strong gusts,

as the waves hit the rocks with a crash.


Now we're on Part Two of today's hike - this time on the opposite side of the Cala Sant Vicenc cove.

BELOW - Looking back at the peninsula where we did the first part of the hike (in far background).


BELOW - Our hotel and pool - nice place to relax and cool off after the hike!

And maybe enjoy some sangria and a sunset!