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10/04 - Cala Sant Vicenc to Lluc Monastery and Pollenca.

Wonderful day in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. Several nice climbs and fantastic descents

with very little traffic. We went over two passes. Most grades were 5-6% for long stretches,

so not at all difficult. Temperature in the 80's with about 80% humidity - made us sweat standing still.


Early morning view of the mountains shrouded in clouds. We thought

we might get some rain today but didn't - it was just VERY humid.

BELOW - Small chapel along the route


BELOW - The town church in Moscari


BELOW - Judith admiring flowers in front of a house along the route.

We saw lots of bougainvillea in varying colors everywhere


BELOW - Our route winds up this canyon


BELOW left - Terraced hillsides for growing olive trees. These were everywhere

in the mountains. No shortage of rocks here!

BELOW middle - Bike leaning against an olive wood fence - wouldn't

want to lean too hard since it didn't look all that sturdy!!


Judith rounding one of the many switchbacks on our climb.

The Tramuntana Mountains are very popular with hikers with numerous well signed

 trails going in all directions. We saw hundreds of hikers and cyclists on today's ride.


BELOW - Here we are at the top of the first pass - Coll de Sa Batalla (Bataia)


BELOW - The Santuari de Lluc is a monastery and pilgrimage site located in north-west

Majorca. It is positioned in a basin on a height of 525 metres and is surrounded by a number

of high mountains such as the Puig de Massanella. The sanctuary was founded in the

13th century after a Moorish shepherd found a statue of the Virgin Mary

on the site where the monastery was later erected.


BELOW left - Rooms that were former Monks' quarters are now leased as hostile rooms.

BELOW middle and right - Drinking trough in main courtyard of the Lluc monastery.

This is considered to be the most important pilgrimage site on Mallorca.


BELOW left - Coll de Femenia, our second pass of the day.

BELOW middle - Judith on the Via Cruces (Way of the Cross), a long, steep and

beautiful stone stairway, graced by ancient cypress trees, which ascends to the

Puig de Calvari (Calvary Hill). It begins in the main square of Pollenca, Placa Major.


ABOVE right - Fred playing a stone and iron piano. Several of these "musical pieces"

were in the square in front of an art museum in Pollenca

BELOW left - Judith playing a stone and iron harp in Pollenca

BELOW right - Cycling over for the day. Now for a late afternoon

visit to the beach near our hotel.