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9/30 - Sa Coma to Arta and Ermita Betlem

Most of the route today was on rolling hills but we did have some

good climbs of 8 to 9 percent on the way to Ermita Betlem.

Very hot today - in the 90's!! Not what we're used to in the SF Bay area.


ABOVE  - Early morning reflections on our hotel pool in Sa Coma

BELOW - Judith on the beach path near our hotel in Sa Coma.

We are headed out to the point you can see behind her head - Cap Des Pinar



ABOVE - We stopped for regroups along the beach.

BELOW - Gathering at the point on Cap des Pinar


BELOW - Sanctuary of Sant Salvador on a hill above the town of Arta


The market at Arta is typical of the town itself with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment.

There is an entire indoor food market with fresh local fruit and vegetables and meats on sale.

In addition, there are stalls for clothes, jewelry and local handicrafts.

It is not one of the biggest markets in Mallorca but it has a certain charm

and is an ideal place to browse the stalls, enjoy a coffee and an ensaimada

(a Mallorcan sweet bread) and relax and enjoy the Mallorcan lifestyle.


BELOW - Ascent with lots of switchbacks on the road toward Ermita Betlem.


BELOW - Here we are at the top of the climb before the final descent to Ermita Betlem monastery.


BELOW - Road toward Ermita Betlem - wonderful descent after a nice ascent

with lots of switchbacks. Incredible Mediterranean vista!

BELOW, right - Sanctuary at Ermita Betlem


BELOW - Chapel at monastery of Ermita Betlem. Built in 1805,

the monastery was the home of several monks until 2010.


BELOW - Late afternoon pics of the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador above the town of Arta


BELOW - We rode along the beach after the ride was over and came upon this sand castle.

The builder of this enormous sand castle said it took 5 days to build.

He even has it set up with lights and a little waterfall for night time

entertainment and to rake in a few more euros from the admiring tourists.