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 Mount Tamalpais  March 29, 2003


Vistas from our ride up Mount Tamalpais


Must take pictures of the redwoods as we pass through


The descent to Bolinas from the ridge


St. Jude


Mount Tamalpais  April 4, 2004


As with all of our rides, we try to take different pictures each time.


The views from the mountain are always spectacular


On to Point Reyes Station for lunch



 Mount Tamalpais  November 12, 2006


It's winter and the forecast is for our first rain but we still decided to bike Mt Tam


These views are from Ridgecrest Road  a ridge dividing the ocean from the bay


Turn your head one direction and see the Pacific or the other to see S.F. Bay


We probably saw a hundred other bicyclists on the road


We descended to Alpine Lake today and then down to Fairfax



 Mount Tamalpais  March 29, 2003

A little fog out on the ocean but a bright sunny day on the mountain


Below - Looking down on Bolinas Bay


Below - Riding across Ridgecrest - 2500 feet above sea level - with views

of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Francisco Bay on the other side


Below - Judith and Blue Lupine


Below- Blue Lupine everywere


Below - Waterfall

Below - Judith on Coast Highway

Below - The bike path through Samuel P. Taylor State Park

The park features a contrast of coast redwoods and open grassland.