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Mines Road   April 28, 2002


White Lupine, Yellow Lupine, Purple Lupine, Sticky Monkey Flowers


Mines Road is awesome in the springtime!



Mines Road   March 22, 2003


We thought we would photograph some trees instead of just flowers this year


This is a month earlier than last year, in time to see the meadows filled with yellow flowers



Mines Road   April 3, 2004


Mines Road - Once again we are challenged to not repeat pictures from former years


The mountains are literally covered with blossoms this time of year



Mines Road   April 3, 2007




Mines Road   March 23, 2004


Turkey Buzzards in the Livermore Valley


The Livermore Valley


Below - California Poppies


Mines Road   March 29, 2009


Above - Fields of Poppies, Lupine, and Fiddlenecks


Above - Oak trees and Tamarisk trees


Billions of yellow flowers form carpets that stretch across the meadowland