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Half Moon Bay  June 17, 2002


Enjoying the redwoods on our ride to Half Moon Bay


Nasturtium, Indian Paintbrush, Mexican Sage, Penstemon Midnight Blue


Farms and hills forever



Half Moon Bay   August 2003


Jude's Song and a Bed-and-Breakfast in Half Moon Bay



Half Moon Bay   February 8, 2004


Ocean and mustard



Half Moon Bay  September 5, 2004


We stopped at the new Ritz Carlton as the early morning fog was burning off



Hay bales and the first harvest of pumpkins above - Below, a crazy car!



 Half Moon Bay   August 7, 2005


We started taking pictures of all the flowers along the road


Then Judith decided we needed a theme.  Let's do a collage of yellow flowers!


There were fields of yellow flowers everywhere



Half Moon Bay  October 22, 2006

It was quite foggy today (on the coast) but sunny when we went inland.


We biked along the coast and stopped to check out Martin's Beach, above.

We also stopped at the Straw Maze and Castle.


Then Judith decided to try a few artsy camera shots.


Of course we were in HMB, so we had to see all of the pumpkins.



April 19, 2009 - Half Moon Bay Bike Ride


Above - Fred and Friends in Half Moon Bay

Below - Judith at the start of the ride


Below - The Half Moon Sculpture amidst the Oxalis


Below - Judith on the Pacific Coast Highway with Mustard Fields and Radish


Below - Mustard and Radish up close


Below- Looking out at the Ocean on our bike ride


Below - Judith along the Coast Highway


Below - We stopped to check out a beach


Below - Green at the beach


Below - We're headed into the mountains now


Below - Stage Road and Tunitas Creek Road


Below - Lobitas Creek Road


Below - Flannel Bush


Below - Judith and poppies

Below - Looking back at the road we were on


August 24, 2010 - Half Moon Bay Bike Ride


The ocean is always beautiful.


We rode along the ocean, through the redwoods, and up the mountain


Beautiful Tunitas Creek Road


Below, Lobitas Creek Road