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Davenport  April 6, 2006


It's tough to bike down the coast and NOT stop to snap a picture of the waves.


Below, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse guards the coast.



Yellow and green everywhere this time of year.



I found some new beaches and coves on this trip.


And finally, one of many waterfalls in the giant cliffs near Davenport.

Davenport March 2008


Above - Early morning fog at the coast

Below, the artichokes are lookin' good


Below - The hillsides are covered with wildflowers


Below - The beach with a little fog, cattails, mustard, radish


Below - Mustard toward the coast, mustard toward the mountains


Below  -  A little inland diversion up Swanson Road


Below - Looking back up the coast at the fog, and down at the ocean


Below - Yellow Oxalis, Orange Poppies, and Yellow Poppies


Below - A couple of signs along the way


Below - I love this section of the coast, looking back toward the mountains


Below  -  Pampas Grass and California native plants


Below  -  Mustard, Radish, Oxalis and a great bike!


Below  -  Fred discovers another new beach!



Below  -  Kitesurfing or kiteboarding...let's get some air