9.8.09 - Our first full day of bicycling

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Above - We visited an artist's studio and then headed to the market.

Below - The market in Le Bugue


Below - Escargots vivant - yes, that's live snails!


Below - Some accidental camera experimentation


Below - Remember black and white?

Below - Grotte de Font-de-Gaume


Below - My camera kept accidentally slipping into the color accent mode


It took me two days to realize I was only recording green. All other colors

were changed to Gray tones. It made for some interesting photos!

Fortunately, Judith took some color pics.


Above - Hotel-Restaurant Laboderie and the church in Tamnies-en-Perigord

 Below - We made it back to our hotel in Les Eyzies - Fred at the garage


Below - Debra and Fred celebrate the day