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from our hiking and skiing in Yosemite


We drove to Yosemite for a ski trip. On the evening of the first day we

witnessed the firefall effect as the sun set on Horsetail Falls.

This only occurs for a few days in February when the sunlight

and clouds all are in ideal alignment.


Below - Horsetail Falls photo shoot



Below - On our walk back to the lodge


Below - Yosemite Getaway - Day 2 - the cross-country ski practice day.

We decided we needed a practice day before our ski trip to Glacier Point.

We try to ski at least once every ten years




Below - Yosemite Getaway - Day 3 We skiied out to Glacier Point

(about 11 miles) and watched the sunset and the full moon rise.

Below - We stopped to admire the view of Clark Range



Below - Washburn Point and the view from the hut we stayed in overnight


Below - The Hut at Glacier Point


Below - Sitting in front of the huge fireplace waiting for dinner to be prepared


Below - View of the sunset on Half Dome from Glacier Point



Below - View of the moonrise from Glacier Point


Below - Yosemite Getaway - Day 4 - We watched the sunrise,

then ate breakfast, fixed a lunch, and skied back to Badger Pass.




Below - After checking out the view of Yosemite Falls,

we headed back to the Yosemite Valley.



Below - Yosemite Getaway - Day 5 - We watched

the sunrise on Yosemite Falls from our room at the lodge.

Then we took a short hike to Lower Yosemite Falls before driving home.




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