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Windy Hill Open Space Preserve - February 1, 2004



Windy Hill - July 8, 2007


Into the woods we go. Above right is a low-res panorama of Windy Hill.

Below left is a Medium-res pan and below right is a High Resolution pan


Except for Windy Hill at the top, the trail is covered in forest


Of course, Judith stopped immediately for sticky monkey flowers.

Above - It's pretty green in here

Below,  Left = lo res      Right  =  medium res


Judith on the trail.


Below - Every trail seems to have a Fred

Below - Gnarly trees


Below - Dappled light on the trail - left = lo res, right = med res


Below - View of the Bay

Below are a series of panoramas.  the first is a lo res picture

Second, below, is a medium resolution picture

Third, below, is a high resolution picture

And, finally, the Madrone


Windy Hill Hike - April 22, 2010


Windy Hill - A springtime pleasure



Flora and Fauna




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