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Rancho San Antonio   July 23, 2003

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July 23, 2003 - Fred hiked Rancho San Antonio to gather photos for a series of paintings.


The contrast of the golden grasses and the green trees was great.


Below - love the dappled light on the tree-lined paths.


Another beautiful day in the park!



Rancho San Antonio   March 8, 2008


Above - Lots of green color in early March as we check out the 16x9 camera setting

March 2008 - Rancho San Antonio Hike - 10 mile loop


Above - Left, Mistletoe             -             Right, Maiden Hair Fern

Below - Left, Paintbrush  -  Right, Shooting Stars


Below - Indian Warrior - pedicularis densiflora


Below  -  Left, Judith  -  Middle, Indian Paintbrush  -  Right, Manzanita tree


Below - The trail across the hills  -  Judith's view of the bay and mountains


Below - view of SF Bay and Mt. Diablo

Below - The trail enters the dark forest



Below  -  Fred exits the forest

Below  -  Flowers everywhere, and it's only March!



Rancho San Antonio   March 20, 2009


Above - Shooting Stars Dodecatheon hendersonii


Above - Giant trillium (Trillium chloropetalum),


The oak trees are beautiful in winter or summer


Below - Fremont star lily (Zigadenus fremontii), Maiden Hair fern, Giant trillium


Below - A beautiful spring day in Rancho San Antonio preserve


Below - Indian warrior (Pedicularis densiflora),


Below - Miner's Lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata),


Below - Judith and Indian Warriors


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