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June 24, 2007 - Longridge Hike

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From the trailhead at 2000 feet, we descended into the woods.

Most of the trail is covered in forest - nice shade for a hot, sunny day


Of course, Judith has to stop for pictures of flowers before we even get started.


Above - we're in a grassy meadow looking back up at the ridge where we started.

Below - A switchback on the first climb. The second picture is hi-res

for those who need to get a true feeling for the steepness!


Below - The trail enters into the forest again.

This time however, it is not a dense and dark stretch of vegetation that must be traversed.

Here grows a light and golden green tunnel that covers the path with a gently glowing shade.

Below - A moss covered sandstone giant tries to swallow judith.

Live oak thrive in this area . Sometimes they can form very fanciful shapes.


 A stone bench has been constructed on the ridge to commemorate

the late Pulitzer Prize winning author and noted environmentalist Wallace Stegner.


From an ascending trail in dense forest growth you step out onto a ridge with sweeping views to the West.

Below - To the East is forest, to the west are mountains and the ocean


Below are a series of panoramas. That blue  upper right is the ocean.

Above is a low resolution picture of the vista looking west.

Below is a medium resolution picture of the vista.

Above is a high resolution picture of the vista.

Below is a low and high resolution picture of the view looking east.


If there's a blossom on a tree, Judith will sniff it - and pick it!


After exploring a few other trails, we headed for Peter's Creek.


Peters Creek trail begins in a fern covered canyon.


The area is shaded by a mixed oak forest and also by the walls of the small canyon carved by the creek.

The tranquility of this space is enhanced by the gentle sounds of water

as it flows down and around the rocks in the creek bed.

Although sometimes out of sight, the creek is never far from the trail.


Lots of flowers along the creek

This picturesque pond lies on the private land of the Jikoji Zen Buddhist Retreat.


Once past the pond, the trail ducks back into an oak forest.


The fanciful oaks cast artistic shadows. We even encountered a rare tree nymph.


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