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Grand Canyon hike - July 2009

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Above - Temperature in the desert and entering Grand Canyon Nat'l Park

Below - Setting up the tent at the Grand Canyon


Below - The Grand Canyon - One mile deep and twenty one miles across


Layers of sandstone, limestone and shale form colors of cream, red, gray, purple


Below, left & center - The Bright Angel Trail            Below, right - Kaibab Trail


Below left & center - California Condor H2           Right - the Lookout Tower


Below - The Grand Canyon, late afternoon


Below - We rode the shuttlebus along the South Rim to Hermit's Rest


Below - Rocks that will eventually be at the bottom of the canyon


Below, - Flora at the Grand Canyon - Left, Yucca plant


Below - Judith and trees


Below - Fred and Judith at the Grand Canyon


Below - Judith and Fred hike the Kaibab Trail


Below - Early morning, the start of a beautiful sunshiny day


Below - The ranger leads the group down into the canyon


Below - The views are incredible


Below - Judith on the stairmaster trail


Below - Judith, the clown


Below - Fred and his walking stick. How old is he?


Below - Fred and Judith posing for photos



Below - Cedar Ridge, the turnaround point this morning


Below, right - Just a few steps and were back up!


Below - Flora in the Grand Canyon


Below - We're almost back at the top


Below - One last canyon pic


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