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5/18 Tue It's a beautiful sunshiny day and we decided to begin by rushing to every spot

in Assisi where we wished it was sunny before, and take lots of photos!

It's so enjoyable to walk down from the villa and up to Assisi.

Below - The Basilica Di San Francesco and the sculpture of St. Francis


Below - The Duomo di San Rufino. First built as early as the 5th century,

this historic church features the baptismal font of both St. Francis and St. Clare.


Below - Around Assisi and views of the fortress of Rocca Maggiore


Below - We exited Assisi and trekked up a rocky, steep trail to the

Eremo Delle Carceri, the monastery that once housed St. Francis.


The trail went straight up the mountain with no switchbacks, and was very rocky and slippery.

This was a little more than a stroll in the park.  Below - A stroll in a park


The Eremo (Hermitage) was very interesting. It is a remarkably secluded and peaceful spot,

2600 feet above sea level, nestled in a ravine covered with thick woods of ilexes and oaks.


 We visited St. Francis' room and walked all around the grounds and trails.

We visited the Grotto of St. Francis, a cave where the saint had his bed hollowed out of the rock.


After a little more trekking, we returned to the villa and watched a great sunset.

Of course it was followed by thunderstorms.