Monday 9.10.07 – Hike from Eigergletscher to Wengen

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We Started our hike today at Eigergletscher (the Eiger Glacier). We took the cog train up from Lauterbrunnen to Eigergletscher.

We hiked  a trail that was actually a wall of scree (broken rock) built along the rim of the canyon formed by the runoff of the glacier. The wall was dual purpose. it kept the cows from falling off into the canyon and provided spectacular views for the hiker daring enough to walk along the top.

The trail was about three to four feet wide at the top of the wall and was quite steep as it progressed down the mountain with no switchbacks for the first portion. Eventually the trail widened and incorporated switchbacks to reduce the grade.


The views from the trail up to the snow-covered peaks of the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau were awesome. All three of these peaks are well above 13,000 feet with glaciers, and snow year-round.


The trail markers were in some interesting places.


Sometimes it looked like you were about to walk off the edge of the world.


The trail proceeded inland a little before heading out to the rim of the canyon again.


Stacks of rocks provided a place to set the camera for a self-portrait.


The Eigergletscher trail connected to another trail that followed the edge of the canyon above the Lauterbrunnen Valley.


It was mostly forest but there were great views down to  Lauterbrunnen and Wengen.


Our hike ended in Wengen where we caught the cog train back to Lauterbrunnen.