Sunday 9.16.07 Hike across the north wall of the Eiger

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After a couple cog train transfers from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg and beyond, the engine driver let us off at the Alpiglen stop, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The only reason to exit here is to begin a hike somewhere.

This was our starting point for the Eiger trail. All we had to do was hike up to the north face and start across. Sounds easy enough.


The trail was sunny and scenic until we got closer to the north wall of the Eiger. This wall is almost always in shadow and was dark and cold today. With her acrophobia, Judith had a hard time looking down as we started up the lower rock.


The trail is certainly not for the faint of heart but safe enough at this time of year.


It was challenging to take pictures in the darkness without a flash (hard to light up a whole mountain).


Hiking across the rocks was great fun. I had the urge to scramble up higher on the wall, but Judith was in charge of my sanity today.


The views back toward Grindelwald (see the town in the picture below left) were spectacular.


We stopped at one point to check out the route for the serious mountain climbers.


The north face of the Eiger is quite majestic. I can certainly understand the urge to climb it.


We finally neared the end of our hike and emerged from the shadow of the Eiger.


As we rounded the northwest corner we were treated with a view of the Eiger glacier.