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We decided to be a bit corny today and take the famous "Sound of Music Tour".

We saw lots of sites used in the SOM movie, had many movie myths debunked,

and traveled around the countryside in a VW van. It turned out to be lots of fun!

BELOW - Leopoldskron Castle - The front side of the castle was used as the Trapp

family home. The children were boating on the Leopoldskron Lake and fell into the water.

The famous gazebo in the movie ("Sixteen Going on Seventeen") is now located at

Hellbrunn Palace (it was relocated from the original Schloss Leopoldskron

location because neighbors complained about too many dancing tourists!)


BELOW - Hellbrunn Palace. Its gardens were used in the Sound Of Music.


Our little tour group (8 people) stopped for the view and some apple strudel at an

overlook above Wolfgansee and St. Gilgen (where we stayed on our last cycling night).


BELOW - Basilika St. Michael in Mondsee (another stop on our SOM tour).

This is the church used in the movie for the wedding of Marie and Captain Von Trapp.

It is a 15th century Gothic design that was refurbished to the original appearance in 2009.


There were many beautiful altars in Basilika St. Michael


BELOW - Nonnberg Abbey - Nonnberg Abbey is the oldest convent in the

German speaking part of Europe. Maria was a novice there.


Nonnberg Abbey is where Maria (Sound of Music) lived

before she became the Von Trapp governess.


The baron and Maria were married here in 1927.


The scenes for the movie made here include the opening

with the nuns going to Mass and Maria coming too late.


The beautiful St. Peter's Cemetery is where the Von Trapps hid from Nazis in The Sound of Music

although the actual scene was filmed in Hollywood. St. Peter's Cemetery serene, pansy-filled

grounds may just be the most peaceful stop in all of Salzburg. This unique cemetery

is said to be from 700AD, still holds a headstone from 1288AD, has its own waterfall,

and also holds the remains of Mozart's sister Maria Ann.


The most interesting thing about St. Peter's, unlike most cemeteries around the World,

is that you do not buy the plots but instead rent them. Relatives of the dead must

pay rent for the plot every 10 years and must also be the care takers.

If your family doesn't pay your rent, they toss your body out.


While the cemetery where the Von Trapp family hid out in the Sound of Music

was a Hollywood set, it was inspired by this one.


BELOW  -  The Mirabell Gardens were created in the 18th century.

Maria and the children were seen dancing around the statue of Pegasus,

the winged horse, and throughout the gardens singing 'Do-Re-Mi'.


ABOVE - You'll also recognize the terrace steps North of the Fountain

as which Maria and the kids used as a hopping musical scale.


In the gardens at Mirabell Palace. The beautiful gardens

were laid out in 1730 and open to the public since 1850.


The Pegasus fountain is a good starting point to run down the hedge arcade along the Grand Parterre.

This is what Fräulein Maria and the Trapp children did in the movie "The Sound of Music".


We crossed a small foot bridge to the Dwarf Gnome Park (Zwerglgarten).There are a ton of

Gnome statues in the Gardens and they were all originally modeled after real life dwarfs.


Auf Wiedersehen, Salzburg!