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Today was spent hiking up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress (Festung),

exploring the castle grounds, then hiking across to the Monchsberg mountain,

an eight mile round trip.  It was another mostly sunny day in the low 60's.

BELOW - Views of the city of Salzburg on the walk up to the fortress


Hohensalzburg Fortress is the emblem of the city and province of Salzburg.

It is one of the largest preserved medieval castle complexes in Europe.

The area of the fortress with 50 buildings covers an entire area of 33,000 sqm. 

Building the fortress began in 1077. Over the centuries Hohensalzburg was

frequently extended and its function changed from being a defensive building

and archbishops' residence in the Middle Ages until in the 19th century

it was used as barracks. Nowadays Hohensalzburg Fortress is a

tourist attraction visited annually by about 850,000 people.


ABOVE - View down from the upper castle.

BELOW - The grounds of the upper castle


BELOW - The gold room, a ceremonial room on the top floor


BELOW - Castle view to the south (away from town) toward the Alps


BELOW - The world-famous Salzburg Marionette Theatre displays exhibits from its vast

collection. These include items from Mozart’s Magic Flute and the Sound of Music,

but also from events of Salzburg’s regional history, such as the Peasant Uprising,

shipping in the days of the archbishops and Mozart’s extensive travels, to name but a few.


BELOW - Walking from the Castle toward the Monchsberg,

the mini-mountain that rises 200 feet above the Old Town


A walk across the Mönchsberg is recommended any time of year. The carefully planned

paths offer charming views in every direction. Interpretive signs explain the areas

of geological, biological, climatic, historic and cultural importance.


BELOW - These are just a few of the hundreds of photos

of the castle (fortress) we took on our walk. 



The Monchsberg is a tangle of paved walking paths with lots

of great views and a cafe that serves delicious apple strudel!