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Salzburg is the point where the Italian and German cultures met and which played a crucial role

in the exchanges between these two cultures. The result is a Baroque town that has

emerged intact from history. The centre of Salzburg owes much of its Baroque

appearance to the Italian architects Vincenzo Scamozzi and Santino Solari.

Salzburg is rich in buildings from the Gothic period onwards, which combine

to create a townscape and urban fabric of great individuality and beauty.

We began our tour of Old Town from our hotel, just off the Mozartplatz.

BELOW LEFT - Statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Erected in 1842 on the 50th

anniversary of his death. Mozart spent much of his first 25 years (1756-77) in Salzburg.


ABOVE MIDDLE - The Triton fountain (in Residenzplatz) was completed in 1661.

It is Italian in design with a Triton on top matching a Triton fountain in Rome.

Prince Archbishop Wolf Deitrich who commissioned the fountain

was raised in Rome and had grandiose Italian ambitions for Salzburg.


The charm of the Getreidegasse, probably Salzburg's most famous Shopping lane,

is not only generated by the high, narrow houses tightly nestled together,

the enticing shops and the wrought iron guild signs,

but also to the romantic passageways and courtyards.


Famous for its wrought-iron signs, the architecture on Getreidegasse

still looks much like it did in Mozart's day.

All the old signs indicate what was made/sold there - Below middle is a clock maker.


BELOW MIDDLE - Many of the shops are pricey chains such as

Louis Vuitton, as this sign indicates.


BELOW - A shoe store, an umbrella store, a bookstore, and a hotel


The buildings on this street, most of which date from the 15th century, are tall, narrow and

densely packed. Space was tight here because such little land was available

between the natural fortifications provided by the mountain and the river.


ABOVE RIGHT - The Blaue Gans, whose tradition dates back 660 years,

is the oldest inn in the city of Salzburg.

Which one below is a hat shop?


How about a pharmacy?


Need a locksmith?