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We attended a concert at the Municipal House(Obecní dům),

the "pearl of art nouveau",and then walked around Prague.

Inside the Municipal House is a magnificent complex of rooms, including the largest

concert hall in Prague; a marble staircase leads to the huge Smetana Concert Hall.

Prague is a wonderful place to enjoy after dark.

Around sunset is the best time to embark on your journey of discovery that is Prague by night.


ABOVE  - The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn rising up behind Old Town Square is a beautiful sight.

There is nothing more exciting than a night walk through the historical towns of Prague.


The sights you will have seen during the day are even more delightful when spectacularly lit.

The city really puts on a show for its visitors after dark.


BELOW  - The beautifully lit Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

rising up behind Old Town Square is a marvelous sight.


It is really fortunate that Prague has managed to survive the destruction of both World Wars,

as well as Nazi and Soviet occupation almost unhurt!

And at night, Prague is even more romantic and beautiful than during the daylight!


BELOW - Shop til you drop!


BELOW - The Municipal House and the huge Smetana Concert Hall


And don't forget to take a walk on Charles bridge at night.


There are fewer people on the bridge at night than during the day

which means you can fully enjoy the charm and spirit of Prague!