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We absolutely loved Prague! We took close to 1000 photos,

from which we selected a handful for your viewing pleasure.

This page could be titled "A walk around the Old Town (Stare Město) of Prague (Praha)."

We selected buildings from our Old Town visits that we really enjoyed photographing.

The historic city of Prague comprises four separate cities - the Old Town (Stare Město),

New Town (Nove Město), Little Quarter (Malá Strana) and Castle Quarter (Hradčany).

Until about 1800 Prague was four separate towns with four separate town squares,

all separated by fortified walls.


ABOVE LEFT - The Adria Palace is an important modernist building.

It has a Cubist facade and a huge sculpture on the ledge of the parapet.

ABOVE Right - The old Powder Tower was the gothic gate to the

city of Prague and built to store gunpowder - built in 15th century

BELOW LEFT - The art nouveau Municipal House of Prague

BELOW MIDDLE - The Estates Theatre gets a new roof

BELOW RIGHT - Neo-Renaissance style building, currently a 5 star hotel.


BELOW - The Hotel Paris is an Art Nouveau hotel built in 1904.

In 1984 it was declared a historical monument.


BELOW LEFT - Ungelt courtyard housing a customs post for merchants entering the Old Town

was situated here as early as the 12th century. Every merchant had to submit his goods and pay

duty (ungelt – it is German for money, hence the name). In return the ruler would guarantee

his safety. Customs duty was paid here until the end of the 16th century.

BELOW MIDDLE - Jugendstil facade of building of Ministry for local development on Old Town Square

BELOW RIGHT - This is the most beautiful Rococo building in Prague. It was built between

1755 and 1765 and in 1768 it was bought by Stepan Kinsky, an Imperial diplomat.

In February 1948 Klement Gottwald proclaimed communist rule in Czechoslovakia

from the palace balcony. Nowadays, the Kinsky palace belongs to the National Gallery.


BELOW LEFT - Its distinctive twin Gothic spires make the Tın Church an unmistakable

Old Town landmark. Like something out of a 15th-century fairy tale, they loom over the

Old Town Square, decorated with a golden image of the Virgin Mary made in the 1620s

from the melted down Hussite chalice that previously adorned the church.


BELOW - Prague’s Old Town Hall, founded in 1338, is a hodgepodge of medieval

buildings acquired piecemeal over the centuries, presided over by a tall

Gothic tower with a splendid Astronomical Clock.


BELOW LEFT - Gate to the Little Quarter (Malá Strana).

BELOW MIDDLE - Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti)

BELOW RIGHT - The Estates Theatre opened in 1783. It is Prague's oldest theatre

and its finest neo-classical building. In 1787, Mozart personally

conducted the world premiere of Don Giovanni here.


The city is truly a pleasure for all, historians, tourists, and especially students of architecture.

Prague is literally a textbook of styles throughout the centuries.


BELOW RIGHT  - Lots of Baroque Buildings on the waterfront.