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Last day of cycling - St. Gilgen to Salzburg. It rained the ENTIRE day!

We got seriously WET!!! Obviously, no beautiful photos today.

We do have to mention that the terrain we covered today was featured in the

movie, "The Sound of Music", and the hills were definitely 'alive"

with the sound of rain! We came back through here on a tour later.

Below right - At a very crucial point, when turning the route`sheet over, we noticed they

were soaked and unreadable, as well as the backup maps and city maps underneath!

Also, everything in the handlebar bags and the panniers!

Thankfully, the GPS came to our rescue!


Even though it was a drencher, the cycling through the hills was still wonderful.

And we added some bonus kilometers today with a few wrong turns.

We thought the day wasn't long enough!


Above - We are on the Mozart-Radweg, the Mozart bike route.